Christmas In September

With the 42 -27 upset handed to the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots by the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2017 NFL Season is already kicked off with a bang.
So, get your popcorn ready… Again, because there are more games to be played, as the regular full slate of NFL games is fast approaching. Oh, and there’s this College Football thing too which is exciting as well.
There are so many football fans, male or female, always waiting for this time of year. The suspense can easily be compared to when we were all kids, and how that night before Christmas was so nerve racking, as we couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in our beds in excitement and anticipation, having to wait to open all our presents under the Christmas Tree.
But to the average jock-tard, the wait is just a little bit longer than one Christmas Eve night as there is always the dreaded off-season. A period in which there is no football played at all. However, I guess that’s why man created Arena Football which is typically played during the summer months. Though it is a nice alternate to the normal game, it is not the same thing as it is played on a much shorter field, but that’s beside the point. Regardless, it doesn’t quite fill the void of the normal game that is played. Not to some of us anyway.
It’s that long period of time from when the final whistle blows in the Super Bowl, to the opening kickoff of the next season that most of us fanaddicts must suffer through, but unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast. It’s especially bad if your team has a good run, but comes up just short of a championship. The obsessive fan may spend that down time developing a deep hunger to get back at it. Spending just about every waking moment in anticipation for the next season. Reading any and every news clipping regarding their team, or just football in general. In search for any action stemming from off field incidents, down to roster transactions made.
Luckily there is a silver lining to us football junkies, for there is always a season that supersedes the one prior. Thus, it gives us a chance to keep the dream alive so to speak. After all, just because there is an off-season doesn’t mean it’s over. Teams always must prepare for the next season. Therefor teams must sign free agents who are looking for another team to play for. Then there is the NFL Draft where professional teams select a player out of college. College football even has a similar philosophy in recruiting the next best athlete out of high school, therefor there are signing days, and media days. Then you have training camps for both college and professional teams. All of which happens in the off-season in which leads up to the game up football in preparation for the upcoming season. Keeping us as fans on the edge of our seats while acting like kids in a candy store.
There are also preparations that we as fans must partake in as well. Perhaps if you play Fantasy Football, you must take the time to assemble a fantasy roster by gathering all your friends together whether in person or online for a fantasy draft. Or maybe it’s buying that new big screen TV for your man cave while getting the rest of that room in the perfect setting. Or maybe you cashed in your tax return for season tickets, and can’t wait until that big manila envelope comes in the mail. Or just saved in general to be able to go to that one or more game(s) to fallow your team wherever they may be home or away. Not to mention stocking up on many different foods and alcohol you can find to enjoy socially as the game of football presents a way for all of us fans to eat and drink as a part of the action while grilling on a BBQ Grill, ordering a lot of pizza, or just simply vegging out while watching the game.
You can make an argument though that the off-season is indeed a good time. It gives us fans a chance to rehabilitate from the season prior, whether your team did bad or good, you simply just move on with your life. It’s a time to catch up with your families, and make up to your wife’s or husbands, as well as your kids after all the time you missed with them, after spending so much time in front of the television, or perhaps all that time you spent away from home attending the games in person. Getting on that diet from all the Party/Tailgating food and beer you have consumed during the season. Of course, if you’re like me, you want your significant other to be able to sit down and watch the game with you, but they may just not be that interested. In this case, your spouse may commonly refer to themselves as a “Football Widow.”
What can I say, it’s common if you’re a sports fan in a young family that just doesn’t understand the game the way that you do, but that is where the fun comes in, to try and persuade them into liking what you like. Even if they don’t like it, or maybe they are a fan of a different team, or of a different sport, it is still fun to spill your knowledge onto the person or persons you love the most. Especially if you have kids. You don’t need to force them into liking something that you like, but it provides an element of teaching when your kids watch the game with you. It could open the door to more opportunities with your family. It for one can get them to learn to go outdoors more often rather than just lounging around the house all day long. They’ll perhaps want you as a parent to go out and buy them a football to play with themselves, creating an even broader imagination as they pretend to be an athlete in a clutch moment. Or better yet, they can do it for real in some sort of league for kids. All the while, you can play catch with them, coach them, and teach them the fundamentals of the game. This is all pretty much the dream scenario of any Mother or Father who is a fan of football or any sport in general for that matter, but still, I hope you see my point. Being a fan by no means should not take away from you being a member of your family.
The fact of the matter is that it Football is upon us yet again as it is the month of September; and for the next six months, it gives us pigskin pilgrims a chance to prognosticate the game of football until the next champion is crowned. Did I mention it’s also Fall Season? It just really feels like Christmas in September.

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