My Journey

Who am I, and Why am I here?

My journey as a blogger started roughly seven or eight years ago. As an Arizona Cardinals NFL Football fan, I had joined many groups on Facebook. I would read posts as well as post material on my own. I would for sure critique others, or even commend them, while the same was given to me as well.
Through this, I discovered that many people just had no idea what was really going on. Sure, people are entitled to their own opinions, and they all have a right to be fans of the team. Maybe it was just the knowledge I have gained for many years growing up as a sports fan myself, but something just wasn’t right.
That is why I became a blogger, so that I can perhaps give others a better perspective of what is really happening. I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion though, and it seems that in todays social media, many of us argue and debate, and not enough commending and/or congratulatory feedback. Because of this, I am choosing to go a different route with my writing/ blogging. Therefore, I have decided that I want to reach out to people differently to touch people using positive vibes. I intend for my blog to not only motivate, but inspire people to move forward with their lives, fight through adversity, and let them know that they can get over any challenge and obstacles that may stand in the way as long as you keep your head up and never give up.

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