Manic Monday

Let’s face it, Monday’s Suck! It is the day when we all must simply get back into that daily routine, which for a lot of us means to get back to work. It is a day that requires us to basically just hit the start button all over again. That start button can also be referred to as the snooze button on your alarm clock. I’m willing to bet most of us hit that snooze button more often on than not, in effort to not get out of bed the first time it goes off.



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Why is this?

Well it very well could be for the simple fact that Monday’s especially follow what is most commonly known as, “The Weekend.” This is usually a two to three-day period in which no work is required, at least not in the corporate world anyway. And it gives us all an opportunity to hit the metaphorical reset button and take a break from our work schedules. This is also the time we all get a chance to interact/hang out with our friends and family, and just be our natural selves. Although sometimes to be our natural selves, we need a lot of rest and relaxation hence the reset button.
Mind you, a lot of us mostly use the weekend to get work done around our homes, whether it is cleaning it, mowing lawns, doing laundry, etc. However, when you are finished with said projects, the rest of your day off can be present a time for you to partake in fun activities that don’t involve those corporate projects that you may normally do during the week.
Rest and Relaxation is what we all yearn for every single day of our lives, and of course, who doesn’t want to have fun? And the weekends just don’t ever seem to provide enough time that we would all like to keep enjoying ourselves in that time of need.
Unfortunately, that dreaded Monday lurks right around the corner, as well as the other four days of that week in which doesn’t really present such happy times either. All you need to do though is just think of it as one more day closer and closer to that fun weekend off again, especially when you get to Friday. Friday’s are the days that beckons the weekend and provides us all a glimmer of hope that the weekend is right around the corner.
So generally, I guess this makes Monday’s the most dreaded day of the week? Well what if perhaps we can all look at it from the perspective of a good day. After all, we all need to start somewhere right? Might I encourage you to stop hitting that snooze button and jump right out of bed with the mindset of a fresh start towards a new weekend. Matter of fact, don’t dread any of the weekdays at all, because every day is a new beginning always, no matter what. You may not get a lot of opportunities for leisure activities, or spend as much time with your family and friends as you would like to during the week, but as long as you at least woke up, and got out of bed in one piece, than you should be able to get through the day as long as you keep in mind that the time for pleasure will come in due time. You just must move toward it.
There are a lot of days and weeks we all just wish would come to an end, or simply just not have to go through at all, and Monday’s are one of them. We all beckon for that End result, our just simply get out. When you get into something, that’s all you want to do is to get out, but just always keep in mind that the best way to get out of something, or simply just get to the end, you must go through it.

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