Just Do It



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My friends, I have a cool shoe idea that I wanted to talk to you about.

No, it is not a Nike Shoe, although I am endorsing a slogan that Michael Jordan himself made very famous. I am no shoe salesman, nor am I trying to convince you to spend your money on something you never seen before. I do not have a sales pitch, or not even a shoe design to showcase in this article, but perhaps I can sell you a pair of motivational shoes.

It’s the shoes that you are already wearing, but more importantly the feet in which those shoes show semblance to.

All I ask is that you appreciate those shoes that you are wearing now and do me a favor, take a step forward. Can you do this? All you got to do is take that first step without any hesitation whatsoever. In fact, Here’s an old clip from Shia LaBeough to further elaborate on the subject.

Still feeling skeptical? Is there something inside you giving you doubt? Why don’t you talk to it? Tell it you really feel. Is there another voice telling you to just keep going? You need to talk to that one too. For most of us, it is called prayer. However, I understand, not all of us are spiritual. It doesn’t mean that there is someone still talking to you though. After all, that is you who’s talking. For those less spiritual, let’s just call it inter-monologue. It still tells you something right? Well just to let you in on a little secret for those of us who are spiritual and maybe do pray, we talk back to it that voice, even that positive one, except keep asking for forgiveness and mercy for our sins caused by that voice trying to bring us down.
Well even as spiritual and as the believer that I am, this is by no means a story to pursued others to follow Jesus. Really, that is your own choice, because I am also a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. All I am trying to encourage you to move forward, and keep moving forward, because this world moves fast in a forward’s motion as well, and if you keep taking steps back, or don’t move at all, you are going to miss out on what is happening right in front of you. And it is that voice that keeps telling you to do something, therefore you must listen to it no matter

Take Action
Remember that step that I asked you to take earlier in the story? A step is an act of moving. Moving is an action in which one must take to go a certain direction. Nothing will ever get accomplished if no form of action towards that goal/dreams that you wish to achieve if you do not get up and move.

To create this motion, it requires a simple mind trick, to just, Well, Get Up and Go, Just Go! And for Christ sake, do not hesitate. Sure, it is indeed human nature to decipher any consequences in your head, as you should always be cognitive of any situation, but if whatever it is that you are conjuring inside your mind makes sense to you, then Take Action.
I can tell you first hand by personal experience, that if you do not act on alluring thought in your head, and don’t take that first step, you may find yourself in the dark place of regret. Regret is a state of mind that one must not live in no matter what. Though it is not natural disease such as diabetes or cancer, regret still can disease the mind with catastrophic consequences. To regret something is simply looking back in your past, therefore you are taking steps backwards in your life. It is perhaps the single most applicable deterrent to taking that step forward and making progress. It is perfectly natural to regret things in our lives as we are all human and make mistakes, but you are not living your life to the fullest if you do not take responsibly and hold yourself accountable by learning from those mistakes and moving on by taking action to correct them. Don’t ever dwell on your mistakes in life, because you will never get anywhere. You won’t ever achieve any goals, accomplish any tasks, or just simply live life in general.
Learning from your mistakes is the best way to move forward in life. Taking the steps to correct those mistakes helps us grow as the person that we want to be and need to be. So, I beg of you to hold nothing back. Just put on your shoes, or sandals, or whatever it is you like to wear on your feet, and move forward in your life, and be grateful of the ground in which you walk on. Don’t look down, nor behind you. Keep your head up always, looking ahead to where you are going, while confidently knowing where you came from.
Go Ahead!
Just Do It.

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