Preparation Is Everything


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Preparation is a Declaration of Readiness. It’s an assurance that makes us feel as the Steadiest. It’s a Schedule we fallow so Steadfastly to be sure.

When we prepare ourselves, the better circumstances we will endure.

It is the groundwork we layout, a direction of movement.

Any mission is achievable when you lay out a blueprint.

Never Caution Precaution, you can save yourself such hurt if you just take in the time and put in the work.

Study your surroundings, be alert and observant.

The more you Examine your footsteps, the better off your pursuit is.

We all have the desire to find Happiness through certain things, but this world can be cruel sometimes, and throw curveballs our way.

But just because we swing and miss, doesn’t mean we stop swinging.

A famous rock band called Journey once told us to Don’t Stop Believing.

What will your Journey be like, to reach your Salvation?

Put in order a Quest, toward Building a Firm Foundation.




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