Don’t Stop Believing-Poem

Through a season of Stoppage, of a time forced with ration. Let us not fall short, as we must continue to take action.

We shall continue to fight, through the sadness,and pain. When it Rains, it pours, yet we’ll still Dance to sustain.

After all, there is a glorious victory through dignified change. Our desire for goodness remains that of the essence, because of a predicated notion of an unforeseen presence.

We are uncertain of the things of what our future may bring, but certainly we’ll remain faithful to the Almighty king. For God only knows, and will reveal the Truth behind the curtain.So it’s then we must Trust in his Mercy as we are Blind to all life’s Beasts and Burdens.

We Must Trust in the Lord, and not lean on our own understanding. As long as we can just understand this, life wouldn’t have to seem so demanding.

It is the natural to feel pressure when we don’t get our way, we lean towards a culture of panic in a world full of dismay. Let’s Counter this cultural, premature epidemic, by creating new habits, as a source to get past it.

Let’s not fret in all of the bumps and bruises, and not drown in our own sorrow. If keep swimming on past what has passed, then God promises a better tomorrow. Nothing is Easy, for this God Never did intend. That’s why he created things such as determination and courage, to see it all through until the end.

There are times when all things will come to an end and be put to death. It is in this understanding that God calls us to gather up all that’s left. So be prepared and show Awareness, it’s a risk we must chance. The more we believe this, the better we can endure our current circumstance.

Let us not be afraid, instilling the discipline to open up and Obey Gods Red letters. For it is his word that will shine light on the stars, as Darkness doesn’t last forever.

What is lost can be gained by a simple act of faith, as it was the Universe had been commanded by Gods Power. Therefore he gave us the power to choose, even when we win or lose, we will remain confident, rejoicing our voices to the Mountain Tops, through every minute, every day, every hour.

Your kingdom come,

your will be done.


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