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Desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, object, or outcome. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as “craving”. When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal. The motivational aspect of desire has long been noted by philosophers; Thomas Hobbes asserted that human desire is the fundamental motivation of all human action.

The word Desire is quite possibly the single most driven force that determines one’s motivation. The emotional level that triggers desire is a very powerful substance of the mind, body, and spirit.
If you desire something, that generally means you will act on it. In other words, the thought of While most your emotions can be jostled around in your head, and can be dictated by a simple movement, taste, sight, and/or sound, your desire to act on that emotion comes from the heart.

Desire also is an internal feeling within the stomach. It is somewhat of a bodily function, not to be confused with a tummy rumble, burp, or passing of gas, NO! the function of Desire comes deeper from the gut in a more spiritual sense. It is a hunger for something. We all desire foods and such that will give us proper nourishment, but the Desire nurtures our souls and ignites a feeling of want.
We all want things out of life, and subconsciously, we all want our lives to fall into place in certain ways. The idea of wanting something first starts at childhood. A child wants toys, or just about any other materialistic object that exists. It is within a child’s nature to be curious of all things and can’t help but to want a piece of anything and everything in sight. Unfortunately, our parents tell us, “No, you cannot have that, touch that, see that, or do that,” one too many times, and as kids, we are taught to obey those commands. And no matter how much we whine, cry, and moan about it, we are disciplined to respect and understand why we cannot have everything that we want.
As we grow older, however, and more mature, curiosity starts to set in, and those wants will suddenly become an interest, a longing to get to a certain person, place, or thing. This is what it means to have a Desire. It is the instinct to not only want to have things, but it is a craving, a longing for a certain thing that deep down you just know you must have for yourself, and you will stop at nothing until whatever it is, is finally in your possession.

Take a long hard look at the photo above for example. Notice how the boy is at a Starting line on the road. Notice how the roadway drifts off into the distance while moving upward as if it is going over a hill. You cannot see a finish line, can you? That is because the finish line is somewhere beyond that little hill. Therre’s no telling what other obstacles lay ove

However, if you desire to change a certain issue you are facing, or way of living, or just overall unhappy with the way your life has gone, then you must change your way of thinking. You may want to change your entire lifestyle completely. That is a different kind of want.

Here is a story about a boy named Timothy who persevered through his desire to be a great trike racer.

Timothy wanted to race his trike down a track. All Timothy could think about was crossing the finish line no matter what. That was his plan of attack, to get to the finish line first, and to be declared the Winner of the race. As all the racers where getting into position at the starting line, Timothy started to look around and notice the other Trikes, and the racers on them. He saw many different colors, shapes, and sizes of things that he didn’t have. Timothy then began to grow a bit jealous of the other racers. He began to feel as he couldn’t measure up to his competitors. His trike suddenly wasn’t good enough, and he became ashamed of his uniform, or lack thereof for that matter. Timothy wasn’t dawning the cool helmet, elbow and knee pads, or gloves that most of the other racers where dawning. Timothy had suddenly felt unprepared.

As the horn sounded, and the race begun, Timothy felt lost, and that he had maybe made a mistake. He had suddenly become so envious of others around him, that he lost his focus on what he really wanted the most, to cross the finish line with the winning trike. He still went on to race, only to find himself in last place, and eventually crashing in a bush that was off to one side of the race path.

Have you ever noticed how when you plan on doing something, nine times out of ten, the plan usually never goes the way it was scripted in your mind? That is because the world is full of many distractions. Most of which will distract us from who or what we really desire to be. These distractions are things that we can easily see with our own eyes. Things such as people on magazine covers, whether it’s celebrities, models, or athletes that we already know have money, fame, and fortune. We also see those who have a great looking body, wear nice fancy clothes, and get to be in nice, fancy places, all around the world. We also get to see their possessions, such as cars, houses, and any fancy toys they might have.

It’s new fads, new trends, new gadgets and gimmicks that this cruel world shoves in front of our faces every single day, and our subconscious minds instantly think that we must have these things. We must have it, touch it, do it, wear it, look like it. We all get riled up over these worldly things, and it will eat away at our souls until we possess them. Then we start to become desperate in wanting these things so bad for ourselves, all because it is what everybody else has.

Little Timothy planned to cross a finish line and be a winner but became engulfed in worldly things that everyone else had that he didn’t that he lost his train of thought, therefor he lost instead.

Oh, So I guess I should tell you what happened after that race. Timothy was so mad after that humiliating loss, that he rushed home only to take out his frustrations on his trike. He tried tearing it apart but didn’t get very far. Knowing the garbage man was coming the following day, he quickly rolled what was left of it over by the rest of the trash that was to be picked up. When his dad got home from work, he couldn’t help but notice the trike all beat up and in the trash pile. He asked Timothy why he was throwing it away, and Timothy angrily replied,” I DON’T WANT THE STUPID BIKE ANYMORE!’ His father sarcastically corrected him saying that it was a trike, with 3 wheels, only for Timothy to slam his bedroom door right in his father’s face. Timothy’s father tried to reason with him, telling him that he himself paid a lot of money for Timothy to have it. “Why don’t you and I try to fix it up again tomorrow when I get home from work”, Timothy’s dad said. but then Timothy countered right back with a blow of his own telling his father that he is never hardly around anyway to watch him race because he’s always at his, “STUPID JOB!” His father took the trike out of the trash pile anyway and set it back in the garage.

 Then Timothy suddenly got an idea to take it to the Goodwill nearby instead. So, the next morning, Timothy walked the beat-up trike 3 blocks away and just left it at the donation center without a care in the world.

This is where the bad emotions start to creep in like anger and frustration. Timothy got so mad and frustrated with losing the race that he became discouraged and gave up something that he had loved. He then took it upon himself and planned to just get rid of the bike once and for all, something that his father  worked very hard for, which Timothy ignored, but perhaps even that drove Timothy to just give it away for nothing in return while being bitter of his dad not getting to watch him much.

That afternoon Timothy’s father pulled up in the driveway, very optimistic, hopeful, and proud that he can fix that trike for his son. As he opened the garage, he saw that it was nowhere to be found. Timothy however shocked, noticed the body language of his dad’s eager and willingness to work on the bike. He then suddenly got a heavy dose of reality. “Oh No! What have I done,” Timothy thought to himself.  So, when his dad asked him where the trike was, Timothy all the sudden didn’t want to disappoint his father no more, so he thought of a lie. Timothy had told his father that he wheeled the bike back into the trash pile, and that the garbage men came to collect it. His father then quickly tried to get back in his car to go retrieve it, but Timothy just tried to stall with more and more lies. He tried to convince his father that his mother had dinner ready, which was not true. Then Timothy tried to play sick with a bad tummy ache to try and get his dad to stall. He did everything he could to get his father to hesitate, but what he couldn’t do, was just tell his father the Truth.

Then suddenly his mother called out, “DINNER’S READY!”

Timothy sighed, but suddenly realized that maybe his tummy was a little upset after all from telling so many lies.

Here is where the next stage of discouragement sets in. Timothy realized what he had done was wrong, but then fear crept in as he was afraid to tell his father what he really had done. Then anxiety started creeping in as he couldn’t figure out what to really say, so then came the lies.

Timothy went to school the next day. His friends, amongst others, tried to talk to him about the race. They wanted to know what happened, why he finished last, and if he was going to be in the next race. Timothy didn’t want none of it. He would tell his friends to, “JUST DROP IT,” about the race. He told them he just didn’t want to race anymore. Timothy was staring to get real defensive around his friends, and even his Teachers. He even brought the deceitfulness home to his family.


Because was so angry, and he had lied so much, that it caused so much anxiety that he just wouldn’t let anybody in his life. It’s as if he built up such a high wall of deception from all the lies, because he felt the need to hide his grief. He felt that nobody would understand him.

This is where the bad emotions start to creep in like anger and frustration. Once the frustration kicks in, as your plan still doesn’t go the way you had hoped, then you might start to doubt. You become more and more angry to the point where you may say, “Screw It, this will never work, I’m Done!” So, by the next time you come across that same path, you avoid it?

That is fear. That is being afraid to walk that line, because it didn’t pan out the way you wanted it to the first time you did it. Yet, you have to go down that path anyway because you may have no choice

It’s easy for us to get discouraged when things don’t go the way as we planned.

Discouragement brings out all the worst emotions in us, where as courage brings us the best emotions. Joy and Happiness can emerge, when you start to tell the truth, seek the truth. People always say that the Truth hurts, but that hurt is only temporary, as after a while, you start to feel a sense of enlightenment; like a weight has been lifted. No Pain, No Gain, right? Have you ever heard the phrase, “The Truth shall set you free?” That’s that weight that though it may sting a bit at first, eventually you find freedom in mind from whatever it is that has been kept to yourself.

Timothy felt those emotions. Deep down, he wanted to keep racing. He knew what he told his friends at school was not true. He knew the way he had been acting around others, including his father wasn’t right. Timothy regretted giving his trike away, as suddenly he had realized that he just needed to tell the truth.

Timothy set course toward a more positive, truthful direction. He knew his trike was long gone, but he was determined to get a new one. He mustered up enough courage to explain to his dad what he had done to the old one. His dad was certainly upset, but Timothy convinced him that he was very passionate about racing and wanted another chance. So, Timothy’s father offered to give him an allowance toward a new trike if he did a list of choirs around the house, get his schoolwork to good graces, along with obeying other rules set by his parents. If Timothy could abide by these rules, he could not only earn his fathers trust back, but also earn enough money to by himself a new trike to race.

Little Timothy didn’t waste no time at all. Within just a couple of months, his grades were top of his class, the house was in tip-top shape, and he had earned enough money from doing a lot of choirs to buy a brand-new trike. He found an even better one than the last one he had. Him and his father than rushed home and customized it to look like a fancy racing trike. Soon it was time to take it out for a couple of practice runs.

Then one night, several months later, before a big race, Timothy’s parents pulled him aside and gave him a gift for all his hard work he had done. Inside the gift box was a new helmet, with pads, and gloves; all his favorite color Red. Timothy certainly did not expect it at all, but he felt so grateful to finally go to the race, while looking the part, with all of the spiffy new gadgets like his fellow racers.

He suddenly felt extremely confident. He knew he was going to win this time. All his hard work, dedication, and practice was going to pay off. All he knew he had to do was race, and not think about winning, because he felt he had already done just that.

The moral of this story is that you can easily let your emotions get the best of you. Don’t set your sites on a plan to win at first. Never plan on doing just one thing, because life is full of too many distractions, in which will distract from such plan. Don’t plan on winning the race, focus on the path towards the win. Do not plan on passing the test, study how to pass it. Do Not Plan to fallow Jesus Christ, plan to fallow in his path. After all, a racetrack is just a long pathway to the finish line.

Are you on the path to win like Timothy?




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It’s an old cliché, most commonly used by Body Builders. Any Muscular toned jock, while flexing their big muscles, will tell you that if you don’t lift the heavy weights, you won’t get the big muscles. There is truth to the adage, yes, but it means so much more in our everyday lives than just having a muscular physique.
Any kind of growth will endure some form of pain. Suffering is a perfectly natural element in gaining something, whether it is muscle growth, weight loss, buying or selling merchandise, paying bills, battling addictions, and so much more.
All of these require some form of discipline to function properly. Discipline is like a forced authority that is generally is a systematic method of obtaining obedience. Discipline must be enforced to get the job done. Unlike a child, discipline doesn’t have to be enforced by others. Discipline can also be self-taught. You must have a strong mind, a clear conscious, and the willing conviction to change. This is when you gain from the process of discipline that was bestowed upon by yourself. The gain is the lesson or lessons learned from it, but it’s the discipline involved that creates the change. The change is the Gain, and the discipline is a mindset that one must create in order to obtain that gain. It will not always likely happen overnight though, for how the mindset that is created is a process in which one must have a great deal amount of patience in knowing that you cannot just get from A to Z without citing all of the letters in the alphabet, nor can you count from say 1 to 100 without having to count all of the other numbers in between. How about if you want to read a whole book, or watch a whole movie from beginning to end? You must read and/ or watch everything that happens in between in order to understand it all right.
Don’t believe in the Quick-Fix Gimmicks
We live in a society today that relies on quick fixes, and Instant Gratification. Today’s world presents us with too many advertisements, commercials, and many other forms of data that brainwashes us into thinking that we can have the things we want and or need at such an instant pace. So much so that it almost seems like society is becoming lazy. I mean, I guess it is really the Technology growing at such a rapid pace is what is mainly causing the demand for the Instant Gratification, but is it really gratifying? Well, that’s a stupid question I suppose, seeing as how we all want to see results now rather than later. It’s just how we as humans were wired. But why are many people still depressed? Even the ones who seem to have everything. A lot of those people are celebrities who have a lot of money. A lot of money can buy you that gratification instantly for sure, but it doesn’t make you famous.
This is in no way bashing celebrities for how they live their lives. Matter of fact, at some point in their lives they also went through a lot of pains to gain the success they have today. This piece is more about the fact that most everything does not just fall in our laps and make us successful. To become successful in life is to get that gain, but we all must suffer a great deal of some sort of pain in our journey to get where we want to be.



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Pain is not only physically endured. It is a mental feeling of getting through a period in which something can be uncomfortable for a certain period, whether it is seconds, minutes, hours, days, or years. That feeling of un-comfort. Is indeed that method of getting from A to B, A to Z, 1 to 100, or simply just the beginning to end. Pain is having the patience to complete whatever it is you are going through at any moment. Haven’t you ever heard the term, Growing Pains? Same concept of No Pain, No Gain, and rightfully so. Nothing will ever grow in life, in your life, if there is no process of patience and discipline involved. And it really, truly presents some form of a learning experience. Who doesn’t like to learn? If you don’t you are not natural, you are not human. You can gain so much knowledge if you just embrace the pain of so many situations. Even if it hurts, you can learn still learn from it, and grow so much larger, if you just put your mind to it.


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Thank You for your Pain in reading my article. I hope it helps you Gain a better perspective on how sometimes you just need to put forth the effort in getting the things done that you want to accomplish in life.


According to, the proverb “no pain, no gain” means that some amount of suffering is necessary to better one’s self. The phrase refers to the idea that people need to push themselves until improvement is achieved.


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Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; Unrewarded is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
-Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933)

You ever start a project that may take more than a few seconds, minutes, or days, or years to complete? Or maybe you want to start a diet and/or exercise program to get in better shape. Do you find yourself with many tasks that just need to get done, but then easily get distracted by something else? What is stopping you from completing those assignments?
We all aim to accomplish things whether it is through work or pleasure. It all starts with the ideas we develop in our minds to reach those accomplishments. However, something may corrupt those ideas with distractions. It is a strange form of human nature to get distracted by something, or someone for that matter. I guess that’s because the world is so full of ideas in all kinds of different shapes and forms.
This Earth was created to keep revolving, and all things like nature, food, water, and even us humans were put on it to do exactly the same thing, keep revolving, expanding, growing.
Somebody created all things to move in a motion of growth and hit the repeat button in the process of doing so in effort to keep it going nonstop, without interruption. That same person also created Humanity, and though there is a repeated process of mass population, reproduction, or procreation, there was a portion of that movement left up to the human being to keep up production for one’s self. However, the self within humans was meant to be disrupted in life for whatever reason.
You see, it’s up to you now, your self to keep growing, and to never stop. Sure, nothing lasts forever, what goes up, must come down, things die, people die, but while we as a human being are alive, we may as well make the best of it. Those ideas and/or actions one commits too can simply get disrupted by something or someone who may influence a person to move towards another idea, thought, or action which in turn interrupts the flow of process of movement.

A good example of disrupted forces could be the television as the media tends to distract us with all kinds of drama in movies, sitcoms, or even commercials. It is the vicious cycle of a soap opera that keeps us yearning for more. We all must buy into that product being sold in the infomercials. Now days there is the element of Reality on TV where we watch someone else relish in all the glory and successes.
Today’s society is also fueled by a ton of social media outlets which allows people to connect to one another. This single attraction is probably the most toxic of all distractions as it has forced an attraction to look down at our phones for that latest news and created a new way of gossip through text messaging. This method of social interaction can be dangerous because it takes out attention away from focusing on what is ahead, including the traffic we drive in. You cannot move forward with a phone in front of your face, and if you are not careful, that life cycle that is meant to keep growing, could very well end abruptly.
Therefore, we must all learn to put our phones down, turn the Television off, tune out social media from our lives from time to time, but more importantly, stop wondering what could have been. If you really want to finish the job, lose the weight, or simply just fulfil a dream or desire, we all must learn to cut out those distractions, and fight back temptation from any and all resources lurking outside of our common goal(s). Thus, stay focused on achieving the task directly in front of us, and we must not look back, down, or give up. Instead, get up, look forward, and get the job done.
This is called Persistence. It is the act of Firm or Obstinate continuance in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition. Persistence is the ability to keep going no matter what. Persistence doesn’t allow distractions, or any other obstacles for that matter to stand in its path. Whoever created us, instilled humanity with this quality to keep moving forward, but perhaps created the obstacles, and distractions to test our authority towards achieving a way of living our lives to the fullest.

We as people are not perfect though either. Our creator knew that full well that mistakes will be made. But that person did not create life just so we all things will be condemned to death the moment that something goes wrong. So, we all must be persistent in knowing that life goes on despite any interference that may come our way, and If we react positively, our possibilities can be endless.

Successful people bleed persistence. Chefs like Guy Fieri, Athletes like Jerry Rice, Business people like the late Steve Jobs, and home innovators like Chip and Joanna Gaines all are great examples of this. These guys, and gal have all earned the title of Entrepreneur; people who have worked tirelessly to be the best at what they do. They did not just become famous overnight. They are all where they are today based on the persistence and determination to make a name for themselves, despite any obstacles they faced.
Persistence defines success. It’s not the work you do, how much money you make, or where you go that makes you successful, it is how you got there, the path you paved, the hurdles you jumped over, and the trenches you dug, and the accelerative pace in which you do any work that makes you prosperous.
Early Century Scripture, such as the above quote from Calvin Coolidge, or books other books such as the bible tells us that you do not have to be a genius, or be talented, or even educated to be successful in our lives. These are scriptures merely just suggest for us to live our lives at a consistent level and never give up in our pursuit of happiness.


Persistant dog digging

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Keep digging until you find what you are looking for.


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Manic Monday

Let’s face it, Monday’s Suck! It is the day when we all must simply get back into that daily routine, which for a lot of us means to get back to work. It is a day that requires us to basically just hit the start button all over again. That start button can also be referred to as the snooze button on your alarm clock. I’m willing to bet most of us hit that snooze button more often on than not, in effort to not get out of bed the first time it goes off.



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Why is this?

Well it very well could be for the simple fact that Monday’s especially follow what is most commonly known as, “The Weekend.” This is usually a two to three-day period in which no work is required, at least not in the corporate world anyway. And it gives us all an opportunity to hit the metaphorical reset button and take a break from our work schedules. This is also the time we all get a chance to interact/hang out with our friends and family, and just be our natural selves. Although sometimes to be our natural selves, we need a lot of rest and relaxation hence the reset button.
Mind you, a lot of us mostly use the weekend to get work done around our homes, whether it is cleaning it, mowing lawns, doing laundry, etc. However, when you are finished with said projects, the rest of your day off can be present a time for you to partake in fun activities that don’t involve those corporate projects that you may normally do during the week.
Rest and Relaxation is what we all yearn for every single day of our lives, and of course, who doesn’t want to have fun? And the weekends just don’t ever seem to provide enough time that we would all like to keep enjoying ourselves in that time of need.
Unfortunately, that dreaded Monday lurks right around the corner, as well as the other four days of that week in which doesn’t really present such happy times either. All you need to do though is just think of it as one more day closer and closer to that fun weekend off again, especially when you get to Friday. Friday’s are the days that beckons the weekend and provides us all a glimmer of hope that the weekend is right around the corner.
So generally, I guess this makes Monday’s the most dreaded day of the week? Well what if perhaps we can all look at it from the perspective of a good day. After all, we all need to start somewhere right? Might I encourage you to stop hitting that snooze button and jump right out of bed with the mindset of a fresh start towards a new weekend. Matter of fact, don’t dread any of the weekdays at all, because every day is a new beginning always, no matter what. You may not get a lot of opportunities for leisure activities, or spend as much time with your family and friends as you would like to during the week, but as long as you at least woke up, and got out of bed in one piece, than you should be able to get through the day as long as you keep in mind that the time for pleasure will come in due time. You just must move toward it.
There are a lot of days and weeks we all just wish would come to an end, or simply just not have to go through at all, and Monday’s are one of them. We all beckon for that End result, our just simply get out. When you get into something, that’s all you want to do is to get out, but just always keep in mind that the best way to get out of something, or simply just get to the end, you must go through it.


Mojo is the moment when we do something purposeful, powerful, and positive, and the rest of the world recognizes it. The word “Mojo” originally referred to a folk belief  in the supernatural powers of voodoo charm, often in the form of a piece of cloth or a small pouch. Over time the word has evolved to describe a sense of positive spirit and direction, especially in the shifting tides of sports, business and politics.

To other people, Mojo is a more elusive sense of personal advancement through the world. Goldsmith’s definition of Mojo spins off from the great value he attaches to finding happiness and meaning of life. via


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We all remember Austin Powers. The beloved movie character played by Mike Myers who when lost his Mojo, couldn’t be the International Man of Mystery whom he claimed to be. He couldn’t be his Groovy, Smashing, swinger himself that we all knew and loved, Honestly. It was once taken from him by an evil nemesis that went by the name of Fat Bastard. Watch a clip here.

Austin Powers was able to get his Mojo back and save the world from evil SELRES_d4a1d020-f533-4800-a8ec-349b6079b19eSELRES_97403997-3543-4d97-a7af-3595956f6c11at all costs.

You see, Mojo is inside all of us. It’s not just in a movie. It is a form of our well-being. Remember that voice in your head? That is your Mojo speaking to you. If you want to rid the world or even just yourself from the forces of evil/ negativity, than listen to that positivity speaking to you, and apply it to your everyday life. Sure it is easier said than done. There’s always that Fat Bastard inside of us that wants to always try to block it from you.

So I challenge you to ignore that bastard and keep telling that Mojo you know yearn for to, “GET IN YOUR BELLY,” and go out and fulfill the mystery of your life.



Positive Energy Onsets People’s Lives Every day



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We all need a little jump-start to our mornings if we want our day to be filled with joy Happiness. Nobody wants to be sad and miserable all-day long. It all starts with positive thinking. You must always frame your mind around good things to have a positive outlook on life. Continue to focus on what you really want your life to be like and find ways to motivate yourself in effort to achieve all goals you may have to get to that happy life. After all, that is the true definition of success.
Now I know by now a lot of you are thinking, “Positive thinking does not make you successful.” Well what if I told you it does. Success is not all about just being rich and having a lot of money. In fact, not all rich people are very successful. We all were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, or born with gifted bodies to become athletes, or voices to become singers. Nobody gets lucky in life.
In fact, even luck is not something that just falls in our laps. Luck, believe it our not, still comes from a lot of hard work, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, and probably the two most important factors, patience, and time. Do you know what causes these character traits in those of us who are lucky, making the big bucks, and just living their dreams? It is the result of having a Positive attitude in many different aspects of life, and no negative thoughts. Successful people know how to drown out the negative criticism, and fight through any type of adversities that may stand in their way.
The worst critic of them all though is us. The person inside you is the single soul that can easily drag us down. Our Human Being itself is the one that makes the final decision every single second of every single day. There is a voice in every single one of our souls that talk to us every day. Or better yet there are two voices. One in which is positive, and the other which is unfortunately the negative. It’s literally as if you have an angel on one shoulder, and the Devil on the other. One wants you to keep living, while the other one says stop living.




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It’s the power of persuasion living inside our own flesh. Which one should we choose? Well might I encourage you, even as a person who lives with this myself every day to choose the voice that wants you to live. That is my purpose of this blog is to motivate we as people to keep Being as part of humans. Can you imagine how much better this world would be lived with such positive style and grace? Perhaps that’s a little too inhuman to ask for, but I hope you get the gist of it.
So Do you want to be Successful?




My Journey

Who am I, and Why am I here?

My journey as a blogger started roughly seven or eight years ago. As an Arizona Cardinals NFL Football fan, I had joined many groups on Facebook. I would read posts as well as post material on my own. I would for sure critique others, or even commend them, while the same was given to me as well.
Through this, I discovered that many people just had no idea what was really going on. Sure, people are entitled to their own opinions, and they all have a right to be fans of the team. Maybe it was just the knowledge I have gained for many years growing up as a sports fan myself, but something just wasn’t right.
That is why I became a blogger, so that I can perhaps give others a better perspective of what is really happening. I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion though, and it seems that in todays social media, many of us argue and debate, and not enough commending and/or congratulatory feedback. Because of this, I am choosing to go a different route with my writing/ blogging. Therefore, I have decided that I want to reach out to people differently to touch people using positive vibes. I intend for my blog to not only motivate, but inspire people to move forward with their lives, fight through adversity, and let them know that they can get over any challenge and obstacles that may stand in the way as long as you keep your head up and never give up.

Writers Block Blog

As fulfilling and exciting as it is to write blog posts, often there are periods of time in which there is a long pause. This happens when your mind wanders so much as a writer, that you don’t know quite where to begin. It’s sort of like an organizational thing, or you can say it’s a little bit of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Not that writing is dirty, but as an author/writer, you certainly don’t want to be all over the place with your sentences. It all should make sense to the common reader. This also may require extensive research for factual purposes, unless of course you write fiction I guess. Even then, fiction or non-fiction, a typical writer may spend hours, days, weeks, even years on certain subjects before finally mastering what it is they really want to say.
Therefore, it is a lot of work involved in being a writer, and if you stop at any point, and don’t get back to it for a long period of time, you may have encountered what is often referred to as “Writers Block.”
For me, I had writers block for nearly four years. I seemed to find a craft I was good at, and had opportunities, such as writing for two different local websites involving anything and everything with Arizona Sports. With a desktop computer at my disposal, two different writing engines to write on, and several different thoughts at my fingertips, I worked had pumping out articles left and right, and as detail oriented as I am, my articles were typically lengthy as I just tried to get to the point. I had a regular job that bled into the late hours of the night, but that did not stop me from jumping onto the computer as soon as I got home from work and spill out my guts as my fingers tapped onto the keyboard. Quick side note: Having done this, I taught myself how to type faster.
I spent many sleepless nights writing articles to posts to those websites and I wasn’t even getting paid for it. It simply just became a hobby as I have always been a huge sports fan anyway, and had been presented with avenues to get the news out on my own. I also did this knowing that I had to take care of my son and daughter who were babies at the time, as their mother was gone to work in the mornings, which meant I had to wake up early to take care of them, and drop them off to the babysitter on my way to my job later that afternoon. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. I found a passion for something, and ran with it while making sacrifices at the same time. The dream, and the drive to achieve the dream was alive and kicking for sure.
It all pretty much started one night, before my youngest daughter, middle child was born. I could not sleep, having been deep in thought on a certain topic involving my favorite NFL Football team Arizona Cardinals. So, I rushed out of bed to go downstairs. As I sat at the computer desk, I opened the Word browser and just started typing. I must have typed like 5 pages worth or something like that, can’t remember, but it was a lot. Afterwards I posted to Facebook, and went back to bed satisfied with a feeling of accomplishment. I finally had a chance to get all of what I wanted to say off my chest. It felt great. I woke up the next morning to find that I received a lot of feedback notifications, and just how gratifying it felt to know that many other people have read my article and responded back in a positive manner. I even got some negative feedback which was just fine as well. Nonetheless I discovered a hidden talent, and a new passion. It was truly a hobby I enjoyed. I even remember the excitement I felt when the two websites Phoenix Sports Kings which is no longer running, and Revenge of the Birds, a local connection to SB Nation, recruited me as a blogger. I felt as if I had finally arrived in the world despite not getting paid for my services.
Then eventually the desktop that I spent numerous amounts of time in front of started to corrode with viruses as it would run slower and slower. And despite both my wife and I having full-time jobs, it just wasn’t in the budget to pay for virus protection. On top of that, one of the websites I was writing on shut down (Phoenix Sports Kings). Not to mention, life just simply started to get in the way as my young new family just took my attention away from writing.
Safe to say, I just simply stopped writing for a long period of time which eventually led to me losing my Mojo, motivation to write. It could have also been the fact that I got burned out from those sleepless nights, while at the same time, being a father to my kids. Or it was perhaps not having the computer working properly, thus feeling a bit lost not being able to type my thoughts using my fingertips. Sure, I could have done it the old fashion way with a pencil and paper, but it just didn’t feel the same. I started many articles, but never finished them because I had lost the resources I had from writing for those websites.
This went on for four whole years. You can say I made a ton of excuses, rightfully so, as the passion never left, yet the motivation did. I spent a lot of time trying to get it back by writing poetry, but I still yearned for something more, but wasn’t sure what was stopping me. I have several notes on my phone from just being in random places and hearing things that I wanted to include in stories. But still, as I started to write them, I just stop. I started doubting myself, wondering if that flame I once had lit, had burnt out. It was very confusing because I knew that writing/blogging was something that I was good at, and I just needed to keep at it as there is plenty of wax still on the candle. For you slow folks, that meant that I have plenty of life left. Words still churning in my head with the desire to speak on them through blog form.
As much blogging as I could have done in those four years that I was away from it, you would have thought that I just maybe have given up. Sure, I came close a few times, but I just am not ready to throw in the towel as I know I can make a living off this someday. I kept faith that God gave me this gift for a reason, but maybe I was too stubborn and selfish wanting and knowing only how to do it a certain way. Nonetheless, I believe this is not over yet as the world will someday hear my word.
The Holy Bible is filled with a bunch of stories from all of Gods disciples and apostles. Did any of them have writers block? Maybe, maybe not but they still pretty much tell a good story on how life shall be lived. Well I may not be worthy to write an entire bible. I am especially no philosopher like many of those 12 Kings were, but it’s time I take this block and use it as a stone to start building my foundation as a writer, and start using my stories to build upon, while giving you as the reader a broader prospective on many different things happening in not just sports, but various other subjects as well.

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Christmas In September

With the 42 -27 upset handed to the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots by the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2017 NFL Season is already kicked off with a bang.
So, get your popcorn ready… Again, because there are more games to be played, as the regular full slate of NFL games is fast approaching. Oh, and there’s this College Football thing too which is exciting as well.
There are so many football fans, male or female, always waiting for this time of year. The suspense can easily be compared to when we were all kids, and how that night before Christmas was so nerve racking, as we couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in our beds in excitement and anticipation, having to wait to open all our presents under the Christmas Tree.
But to the average jock-tard, the wait is just a little bit longer than one Christmas Eve night as there is always the dreaded off-season. A period in which there is no football played at all. However, I guess that’s why man created Arena Football which is typically played during the summer months. Though it is a nice alternate to the normal game, it is not the same thing as it is played on a much shorter field, but that’s beside the point. Regardless, it doesn’t quite fill the void of the normal game that is played. Not to some of us anyway.
It’s that long period of time from when the final whistle blows in the Super Bowl, to the opening kickoff of the next season that most of us fanaddicts must suffer through, but unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast. It’s especially bad if your team has a good run, but comes up just short of a championship. The obsessive fan may spend that down time developing a deep hunger to get back at it. Spending just about every waking moment in anticipation for the next season. Reading any and every news clipping regarding their team, or just football in general. In search for any action stemming from off field incidents, down to roster transactions made.
Luckily there is a silver lining to us football junkies, for there is always a season that supersedes the one prior. Thus, it gives us a chance to keep the dream alive so to speak. After all, just because there is an off-season doesn’t mean it’s over. Teams always must prepare for the next season. Therefor teams must sign free agents who are looking for another team to play for. Then there is the NFL Draft where professional teams select a player out of college. College football even has a similar philosophy in recruiting the next best athlete out of high school, therefor there are signing days, and media days. Then you have training camps for both college and professional teams. All of which happens in the off-season in which leads up to the game up football in preparation for the upcoming season. Keeping us as fans on the edge of our seats while acting like kids in a candy store.
There are also preparations that we as fans must partake in as well. Perhaps if you play Fantasy Football, you must take the time to assemble a fantasy roster by gathering all your friends together whether in person or online for a fantasy draft. Or maybe it’s buying that new big screen TV for your man cave while getting the rest of that room in the perfect setting. Or maybe you cashed in your tax return for season tickets, and can’t wait until that big manila envelope comes in the mail. Or just saved in general to be able to go to that one or more game(s) to fallow your team wherever they may be home or away. Not to mention stocking up on many different foods and alcohol you can find to enjoy socially as the game of football presents a way for all of us fans to eat and drink as a part of the action while grilling on a BBQ Grill, ordering a lot of pizza, or just simply vegging out while watching the game.
You can make an argument though that the off-season is indeed a good time. It gives us fans a chance to rehabilitate from the season prior, whether your team did bad or good, you simply just move on with your life. It’s a time to catch up with your families, and make up to your wife’s or husbands, as well as your kids after all the time you missed with them, after spending so much time in front of the television, or perhaps all that time you spent away from home attending the games in person. Getting on that diet from all the Party/Tailgating food and beer you have consumed during the season. Of course, if you’re like me, you want your significant other to be able to sit down and watch the game with you, but they may just not be that interested. In this case, your spouse may commonly refer to themselves as a “Football Widow.”
What can I say, it’s common if you’re a sports fan in a young family that just doesn’t understand the game the way that you do, but that is where the fun comes in, to try and persuade them into liking what you like. Even if they don’t like it, or maybe they are a fan of a different team, or of a different sport, it is still fun to spill your knowledge onto the person or persons you love the most. Especially if you have kids. You don’t need to force them into liking something that you like, but it provides an element of teaching when your kids watch the game with you. It could open the door to more opportunities with your family. It for one can get them to learn to go outdoors more often rather than just lounging around the house all day long. They’ll perhaps want you as a parent to go out and buy them a football to play with themselves, creating an even broader imagination as they pretend to be an athlete in a clutch moment. Or better yet, they can do it for real in some sort of league for kids. All the while, you can play catch with them, coach them, and teach them the fundamentals of the game. This is all pretty much the dream scenario of any Mother or Father who is a fan of football or any sport in general for that matter, but still, I hope you see my point. Being a fan by no means should not take away from you being a member of your family.
The fact of the matter is that it Football is upon us yet again as it is the month of September; and for the next six months, it gives us pigskin pilgrims a chance to prognosticate the game of football until the next champion is crowned. Did I mention it’s also Fall Season? It just really feels like Christmas in September.